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This e-book will provide an example answer to every competency and explain why you have to answer them the way I have.

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Is it your dream to become a police officer?

Do you know thousands of candidates apply every year and only a handful get hired?
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Take advantage of my years of policing experience, interviewing and competency knowledge to propel you past the competition!

I have broken down each essential competency, used solid example interview questions and answers so you can build your answers to your life experiences.

I have included how to answer the ice breaker question . Knowing this will help you make a great first impression and will set the tone for the remainder of the interview.

Find out what interviewers are looking for in your answers . Simply saying you did something and accomplished an end result won't boost you past the competition. My experience with competencies and the process has helped candidates get hired, some after having been interviewed by police services a few times without success.

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I owe it to you Paul and your website. You know your stuff and you were able to explain it in an easy to understand manner.

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I first heard of your website back in February through a friend. I was in getting ready to apply with the Ottawa Police Service but was hesitant because of my lack of interview experience. I had done some research on websites and read articles regarding the interview process but was having a difficult time finding the experiences in my day to day life.

While looking though your site I was immediately impressed with the amount of information it contained and the competency scenarios you had posted. I came across your Behavioural Interview Session and decided to sign up. I had no idea what to expect from the session but I needed all the help I could get.

I was already aware of the skills and qualities most police services are looking for before attending your session but how to find those skills in my life was the main issue I was having. During the session I was taken aback by how you broke down each skill set and hit on specific points to cover when looking for examples and how easy it was to find perfect examples in everyday life. I learned more in the two hour session with you than two years at school and countless articles and websites.

I immediately went home and began to go through my notes and was able to find several examples for each quality. I was coming up with examples from all areas of my day to day life; through work, sports, and volunteering.

When I finally got an interview I felt extremely prepared which made me extremely confident. I was able to speak to my interviewers casually before the interview and I had mentioned that I had taken your interview session. The officers (interviewers) were impressed with my preparation. The fact I took the time and effort to learn about the process not only showed them I was prepared but that I was serious about a career in policing.

The interview is known to be long and painful. My interview was under an hour and flowed perfectly. I answered each question bang on and hit every point they were looking for. My answers were to the point and detailed, they did not need to clarify and details and did not stop writing the entire time.

I owe it to you Paul and your website. You know you stuff and you were able to explain it in an easy to understand manner.

I know several people who are interested in a career in policing and I always suggest they check out your site and the Interview Sessions. It gave me the confidence and information I needed to be successful at an interview.

I just signed my letter of offer with the Ottawa Police Service and can't wait to start my new exciting career.

Thanks again,

There is no better quality in a police officer than being prepared

Many of you have the skills needed to be a great cop but lack the knowledge needed to answer the competencies in a manner to nail all the key points. These key points will take you to the next level and shut out your competition.

The e-book will provide an example answer to every competency and explain why you have to answer them the way I have.

You will not get this much information on the ECI interview anywhere!

Those who have invested in my techniques have been able to prepare for the interviews of their lives and beat out hundreds of candidates for a career in law enforcement.

Once you have nailed the interview, the rest will be up to you. Ask anyone who has gone through the process "what section of the process was the toughest?" They will tell you the interview.

I help you make that section of the process an enjoyable one by allowing you to go in prepared and confident.

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How to Ace the Police Essential Competency Interview

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About Paul (aka @imnotwaiting)

In 1996 I joined the Ottawa Carleton Regional Police, working on Patrol like so many rookie cops. This is where you learn the job, working in the trenches with teamates building your street smarts. From there I went on to work in the Traffic services section; riding Harley's, escorting VIP's and working diligently to keep Ottawa roads safe. Over the years I worked in the Marine and Underwater Squad, The Airport Policing Unit and was eventually promoted to Sergeant.

I retired in February 2009 to run my businesses full time and although I was a cop, I was also an entrepreneur. When I left the service, I thought I could help good candidates get hired by passing on my ECI experience to those who truly want to win. And so Cop Recruiter was started.